rather than replace people, technology should enable us to do things that were previously impossible

Photo of Daniel G. Siegel speaking at a conference

Are you organizing a conference, a public event, or an internal workshop? I can open your audience’s eyes to the transformative power of long-lasting, sustainable change. When culture and technology co-evolve, they will fundamentally amplify our human capabilities and raise our collective intelligence through generations.

I love to speak about:

  • The dual nature of technology: a burden and a blessing
  • Leveraging computers as tools to enhance thinking, collaboration, and human intelligence
  • Understanding the process of real innovation
  • Facilitating deep thinking and collaboration through knowledge sharing and connections
  • Co-Co-Co-creation through the synergy of people, culture, and technology for impactful outcomes

let’s talk

Martina Hršak

We hired Daniel to be one of the speakers at Booking Manager Summit and he was an absolute delight to work with. He brought both his expertise and a unique way of educating while also entertaining the audience. This provided great value for all of the attendees and was exactly what we had hoped for when hiring him.

Martina Hršak, COO MMK Systems

the bullet hole misconception

The bullet hole misconception

A talk about bullet holes in World War 2 bombers, page numbering, rotating point of views, and how we can escape the present to invent the future.

To build the future, we must escape the present, or, “The bullet hole misconception”. Thanks for a great talk!

Cory Doctorow

the lost medium

The lost medium

A talk about my father’s airplane adventures, supersonic airplanes, Marshall McLuhan, computers, and how we can augment human capabilities with the use of computers.

That was flat out awesome. The second that recording hits the net, I’m sharing the crap out of it. Big Ups Daniel.

Amber Haley

i have spoken at

Voxxed Days push conference SFScon DevExperience International Charter Expo Google XING Publicis Sapient Booking Manager Summit Product Tank Desktop Summit 12min.me GUADEC Heapspace Isarcamp functional aesthetics IXDS MATES Munich UX User Experience Monday Munich Business Club Bavaria nerd nite

previous talks

The training wheels must come off: Creating synergy between humans and technology This talk explores the need to shift our technological focus from constant novelty to strategic advancements that augment humanity rather than forcing us to adapt to a purely digital world.
may 2019 - ux monday

live website critique A talk on creating effective websites featuring live critiques of attendee websites focusing on giving actionable advice to improve design, conversions and overall business presented on their websites.
2017 - ongoing - push conference, munich ux, several other occasions

humane websites A talk on the role of the human factor in technology, early elevators and that websites that work are processes, not static things.
november 2016 - sfscon - read

websites that turn visitors into customers A talk on elevators, bullet holes in World War 2 bombers and how we can structure our websites as processes in order to turn visitors into trusting clients.
november 2016 - isarcamp

hiring & firing for startups A short talk on hiring & firing for a group of entrepreneurs and startup founders in Munich, Germany.
january 2014 - founders institute alumni - download

the gnome bazaar - how gnome gets developed and how we can improve An analysis of the development processes and workflows of the gnome project in comparison to other free and open source software projects.
july 2012 - guadec 2012 - download

catch me if you can - social engineering for beginners An introduction to social engineering and it’s techniques.
november 2011 - nerd nite munich - download

google summer of code & highly open participation contest: how successful is gnome? A case study on how successful programs like Google’s Summer of Code are for open source projects and how they can embrace & keep the students interested in contributing to the community.
july 2009 - gran canaria desktop summit

podcasts and interviews

agora talk Sustainable technological change.
september 2021 - listen

leaders cafe Should humans be replaced by artificial intelligence?
october 2019 - listen

tomstalktime Strategy and positioning as the key to success.
october 2019 - listen

sidepreneur podcast How digital tools and strategy can make us better instead of overwhelming us.
july 2019 - listen

echtes marketing für kreative unternehmer How to win clients through your website.
march 2019 - listen

feed your brain On the potential of Taekwondo, the usual mistakes in positioning your business and effective digital websites.
february 2019 - listen on itunes, spotify, stitcher

markenrebell Why finding the right positioning is so difficult for businesses.
january 2019 - listen to part 1, part 2

ben schneider online marketing On the difference between positioning and branding.
january 2019 - listen

digitalk On the role of humans in the digital realm and what airplanes have to do with digital transformation.
september 2018 - listen to part 1, part 2

the weekly squeak On my talk “The bullet hole misconception”, covering how technologists should challenge themselves and their preconceptions.
january 2018 - listen

your business in munich A freewheeling conversation on topics like my consultancy, interaction with humans & computers, effective websites and UX.
march 2017 - listen

writing and guest articles

circles This article examines the limitations of traditional address books and explores innovative ways to improve digital communication and relationship management.
september 2023 - read

getting better at getting better A guest article on Doug Engelbart’s ABC model and the lack of innovation in society.
march 2023 - read

too much technology and not enough humanity? A guest article on how technology changes how we think and whether we will manage the machine or it will manage us.
april 2022 - read - german edition

the lost medium A guest article on using computers to augment our human capabilities, summing up my previous talk.
october 2016 - read

typical development processes of free and open source software projects An analysis of development processes and project management strategies of free and open source software projects aiming for concertedly models and processes.
may 2012 - download

gnome outreach program yearbook 2013 This yearbook contains all participants from the Outreach Program for Women January - April 2013, June - September 2013 and Google Summer of Code 2013.
august 2013 - download - announcement

gnome outreach program yearbook 2012 This yearbook contains all participants from the Outreach Program for Women winter 2011/2012, summer 2012 and Google Summer of Code 2012.
july 2012 - download - announcement

on the new threats of social engineering exploiting social networks An analysis of new threats in social networks and how they can be exploited automatically in relation to social engineering.
2009 - download - slides

free software und open source in south tyrol, italy An analysis of the state of open source and free software in South Tyrol, Italy.
2005-2006 - download

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