Portrait of Daniel G. Siegel

hi, i’m daniel, an independent consultant, founder of big idea initiative, public speaker, private airplane pilot, and 2nd dan black belt in taekwondo

strategy & website consulting big idea initiative


good consulting

I’ve worn many hats. I studied computer science and psychology, and I’m deeply committed to the principles of Free & Open Source software. I co-founded Not Just A Label as CTO — the world’s leading fashion platform. I shaped digital strategies for Fortune Global 500 companies at Accenture. Now, as an independent consultant, I offer expertise to good organizations, without the weight of corporate overheads. I’m eager to work with you.

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good ideas

Long-lasting, sustainable change that fundamentally amplifies our human capabilities and raises our collective intelligence — that’s the Big Idea Initiative. Our platform fosters connections by catalyzing the exchange of knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. By fueling this deep collaboration, we aim to nurture and cultivate the transformative ideas our world needs.

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good talks

I advocate a credo where technology empowers rather than replaces human potential, mainly thanks to my grounding in computer science and psychology, and my active involvement in the Free & Open Source community, particularly the GNOME project. Through my talks and writing, I champion technology as a tool to unlock new possibilities — while keeping hold of the human element.

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