great people who said nice things about me

Adrian Kochsiek

Daniel has the rare ability to manage both the big picture and the tiny details, zooming in and out between both. Daniel thinks deeply about the right way to solve a problem, but balances that philosophical approach with a relentless pragmatism for meeting business goals and objectives.

Adrian Kochsiek, CEO MITOcare

Tafsir Bâ

Daniel is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He possesses great digital expertise and quickly grasped our digital challenges. He doesn’t hesitate to go beyond the scope of the project to deliver insights on a holistic digital strategy. On top of the consulting, he will also deliver a swift and top-quality execution. Great combination of learning, insight and execution. We came out of his process a better business.

Tafsir Bâ, Co-Founder & CEO Wild Dots

Alev Canoglu

We reached out to Daniel for help with our website and digital strategy. He quickly helped us with identifying the “win” and offering strategies to achieve success. But most importantly he speaks tech & marketing, and he can help you translate your largest marketing ideas into achievable, quickly implementable projects, and tangible outcomes. I’d recommend Daniel to any organization who is creating a digital presence.

Alev Canoglu, Founder Female Tech Leaders

Florian Semle

Daniel has been a real stroke of luck for us. Not only did he interpret our needs perfectly, but he was proactive about making additional suggestions that enhanced our marketing, our website, and newsletter. Daniel delivered the benchmark of consulting!

Florian Semle, Communications Lead, Allianz X

Tilo Erwin

Daniel is a consummate professional. It is such a relief to find a subject matter expert whom we can trust to give us the best possible advice and guidance when dealing with even the most complex websites and web apps.

Tilo Erwin, Director User Experience, MetaDesign

Tyson Pham

Daniel really helped us to implement the WHY of our business into our pitches and extract the right words for conversations with the audience. It was a joyful process. Thank you.

Tyson Pham, Head of Business Development Münchner Kaffeerösterei

Yonatan Kelib

Passion, hard work, expertise... Daniel is hands down an expert in his field. His keen attention to detail, drive to push in new directions and ability to push his own knowledge further is commendable. Daniel has been an exceptional partner.

Yonatan Kelib, Experience Design Lead Fjord

Chris Meyer

I really appreciated that Daniel heard me out, listened to my entire story. I felt that he wanted to understand what I was trying to do. Second thing I appreciated was his honest advice NOT to do what had been my intention — even arguably at some potential economic loss to himself. That takes real selflessness and courage — thank you.

Chris Meyer, Executive Consultant Ancora Management Consulting

Philipp Sackl

Daniel is great! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to chat with him, if you’d like to talk through a strategy or positioning problem.

Philipp Sackl, Head Of Design Firefox Products & Services Mozilla

Philipp Pamer

Daniel is exceptionally talented and very skillful in strategy, design and web. I highly recommend him as a reliable, creative and resourceful asset to any creative business.

Philipp J. Pamer, Founder Remulus Film

Alexis Brion

As an organization dedicated to designers, it is utterly important for us to have a platform featuring deliberate design and user experience. Daniel helped us to meet these objectives and worked closely with us to improve our workflow. I really appreciate how he committed himself to understand our needs and went above and beyond to deliver a great product.

Alexis Brion, Co-Founder IXDA Munich

Thomas Gläser

Daniel is great! Good guy to talk to about anything around marketing and brand strategy. I always enjoyed his website live critiques.

Thomas Gläser, Strategic Design & Innovation Coach

Keith Gruen

Daniel brings solid ideas to the table time and time again. As a result, we relied on him daily to deliver practical solutions and work magic for our product. I learn something every time we talk!

Keith Gruen, CEO Ysura

Simon Sparber

Not satisfied with your website’s performance? Then hit up Daniel. He is one of those guys who do not simply tell you where to best place your “Buy Now” buttons, but rather digs very deep into which problem your company really wants to solve and then starts his work from there.

Simon Sparber, Founder & CEO Angles90

Mario Mittag

Building websites & landing pages always felt like a shot in the dark. Not anymore. The first time we built a landing page for a client based on your template and suggestions, we immediately got a 18% conversion rate and ended up with a cost per lead below 1€. I owe you one!

Mario Mittag, Facebook Marketing Consultant

Martina Hršak

We hired Daniel to be one of the speakers at Booking Manager Summit and he was an absolute delight to work with. He brought both his expertise and a unique way of educating while also entertaining the audience. This provided great value for all of the attendees and was exactly what we had hoped for when hiring him.

Martina Hršak, COO MMK Systems

Ilona & Christian Stelzl

Daniel is relentlessly honest, direct and yet very motivating, creative and absolutely solution-oriented. At the very beginning of our collaboration, he asked the right questions in the right places, which were sometimes uncomfortable and challenging, but helped us a lot in changing our mindset and recognizing the value of our work. Daniel guided us very well during our mutual cooperation. Ultimately however he never solved our problems himself with his questions, ideas and advice, but gave us the ability to find and implement answers & solutions ourselves.

Ilona & Christian Stelzl, Founder The Point of View Photography

Thomas Salvador

Daniel helped us to put our offer, our USP, but also how we position ourselves in the market into a clear form. A form that appeals to prospective buyers in the best possible way. Although a wonderful website was created, the great pleasure of working with Daniel was his structured approach. Especially his way of thinking and asking the right questions. As a result, we were once again able to penetrate and question our business model and make lasting improvements. Daniel enjoys our complete trust and is a true expert in his field.

Thomas Salvador, CEO QM Experts

Mario Reis

Before we started working with Daniel, our projects, cases and target audiences were all over. Our goal was therefore to bring more clarity to our positioning. His methods and intensive collaboration were a good start. However, we were positively surprised by the likewise significant clarity on the inside: we now see ourselves much more distinctively and understand that it is not presumptuous to have a dream client. What is really convincing, however, is the level of detail with which Daniel analyzed our product & organization, as well as his decisive and very clear feedback during the implementation. That was the real USP!