how can i help?

If you are a potential consulting client, I’d love to talk with you. Availability is rather limited but I’m happy to give you some advice on what your next steps might be, whether that is working with me or some other alternative.

Feel free to send me an email for just about any reason. I love talking to other people at any time, for any reason. I respond to almost all of them, time permitting. Nothing makes me happier than helping people out.

If you are a fellow consultant or entrepreneur, I’d love to talk with you. Feel free to reach out any time.

  • for general inquiries: daniel (at)
  • for speaking engagements: speaking (at)
  • if you want to have coffee with me: coffee (at)
  • same for beer: beer (at)
  • if you are secretly in love with me: loveletters (at)
  • if you want to make me laugh: tryit (at)
  • if you want to give me money: money (at)
  • suggestions for April Fools’ Jokes: aprilfoolsjokes (at)
  • if you want to keep in regular contact, sign up for my letters
  • please don’t contact me about the Swedish Conspiracy

Encrypted mail is usually preferred, please use my public key (key id: 0xDB8E409F), which has the following key fingerprint: F9DD 693C 9E8B 9121 B20B 202E C7D3 3397 DB8E 409F