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My letters are about long-lasting, sustainable change that fundamentally amplify our human capabilities and raise our collective intelligence through generations.

I’d be thrilled to share my ideas and suggestions with you, but also to hear your ideas, to have fruitful discussions, and to collaborate with you on this important work.

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Daniel’s letters are about digital strategy, packed with interesting reading that is not really about it, but it really is.

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Bran Selic

Thank you, Daniel, for the excellent selection articles, which deal with a topic that is so crucial for us all but which, sadly, is mostly overlooked by the folks who create and are responsible for the technologies.

Bran Selic, President Malina Software Corp.

Gabriel Bauman

I always find myself going down a rabbit hole when I get one of your newsletters. You’ve prompted me to read more and think more over the years, and I appreciate you and your work.

Gabriel Bauman, CTO Northstar Venture Technologies

Balint Erdi

Wow, that’s quite a newsletter! I love how you’re able to extract the gist of a couple of topics & articles and explain it to us. This is really what a newsletter should be about.

Balint Erdi, Owner FullStack Consulting