I’m an independent consultant, founder of Big Idea Initiative, public speaker, private airplane pilot, and 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo. I help companies and organizations that contribute to societal change through their strategy and website.

I believe that technology should enable people to do things that were previously impossible, rather than replace us. That’s something I often write and speak about, as well as being a central idea of Big Idea Initiative.

Portrait of Daniel G. Siegel

how i got here

I studied computer science and psychology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). I specialized in user interfaces, human factors, and Free & Open Source software. My master’s thesis, “Typical Development Processes of Free and Open Source Software Projects,” managed to snag the 2nd place at the Outstanding Thesis Award by TUM School of Education.

I co-founded Not Just A Label and served as CTO. It’s the world’s leading designer platform in contemporary fashion, with over 50,000 designers from more than 150 countries, and operates on Free & Open Source software, emphasizing collaboration, transparency, and shared creation. Our approach to developing the platform reflected these values, providing an environment conducive to innovation without boundaries.

I joined Accenture’s emerging technology (ETI) team, where I focused on developing digital strategies for Fortune Global 500 companies. As an expert in open web technologies, including HTML5, CSS & JavaScript, and Free & Open Source Software, I served as a tech lead. I had the privilege of consulting and supporting numerous organizations, companies, and startups across Europe. I facilitated collaborations and deals between Accenture, its clients, and other ventures.

I am deeply committed to the principles of Free & Open Source software. I recognize its potential to foster collaboration not just within the tech community, but for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Outside of my professional endeavors, I dedicate a significant portion of my personal time to various Free & Open Source projects. I was actively involved in the GNOME Project for several years, contributing to several modules, development, user interface design, and usability enhancements. Most notable is Cheese, which I initiated and led during this time. My contributions have extended to the GNOME Foundation and the Outreach team, where I’ve acted as administrator for outreach projects, such as Google Summer of Code. Oh, and I am most definitely, certainly, definitely, and truly not behind the Swedish Conspiracy.

I founded Big Idea Initiative in 2023, dedicated to catalyzing sustainable technological progress for the betterment of humanity. Our platform serves as a hub for fostering connections, exchanging knowledge, and fueling deep collaboration with thoughts and ideas. By creating a space that sparks conversations among people from diverse backgrounds, we aim to identify the connections that will bring about the transformative ideas our world needs.

I am an experienced keynote and conference speaker. I have presented at conferences like Voxxed, PUSH, Product Tank, SFScon, GUADEC, Desktop Summit, and many others.

My work and philosophy are deeply rooted in the insights and innovations of notable visionaries, thinkers, and pioneers, such as Doug Engelbart, Alan Kay, Neil Postman, James Burke, Joseph Weizenbaum, and Bret Victor. Their pioneering spirit — most importantly the notion that technology should not aim to replace humans, but rather to amplify human capabilities — is a principle that guides my work and thinking.

And if that hasn’t answered your questions, you can always write to me for more juicy details.