what if technology could augment how you see, understand and create business?

We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us

Marshall McLuhan

the speed of business and digital communication has lulled us all into overreliance on technology. most digital efforts lack intimacy and hinder building trust among peers, clients and employees.

what your business needs – now more than ever – is to look at everything through your client's eyes and how they interact with your brand, regardless of touch point, channel, or device.

digital opens up many new opportunities for your business, but also many challenges you've probably never considered before. fundamental questions regarding your value to clients, your approach and your aspired role are more important than ever.

digital strategy

today, digital strategy is business strategy. a consistent, holistic digital strategy is vital to create a seamless customer journey that supports your company's brand and your clients achieve their goals.

i'll help you envision and implement a consistent, holistic digital strategy as a business strategy securing growth and success

i'll help you build effective websites that tell your story perfectly and turn your visitors into clients.

i'll help you run successful digital marketing campaigns that attract and build trust with your ideal target audience

Daniel is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He possesses great digital expertise and quickly grasped our digital challenges. He helped us determine how the website could truly play its part in generating added value and sales for us. He doesn't hesitate to go beyond the scope of the project to deliver insights on a holistic digital strategy. On top of the consulting he will also deliver a swift and top quality execution. Great combination of learning, insight and execution. We came out of his process a better business.

Tafsir Bâ, Co-Founder & CEO Wild Dots

what drives my passion for each and every project is the deeper purpose that i have given myself for my professional career: to make businesses think differently about the way they interact with their clients when creating digital experiences.

i'll save you time by leveraging my industry and technology expertise and using proven successful methodologies, combining traditional business planning with digital strategies. i've been there, seen it and done it. i speak from experience.

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