good website

This package will give you a good website that represents you and your values, communicates them clearly to your ideal audience, and tackles your technical and organizational challenges, no matter how complex. I will help you face any challenge head-on.

what is it?

Starting with a comprehensive review of key areas within your organization to identify your ideal target audience, we will optimize how your website reflects your values and ensure it communicates effectively with your audience. We will build upon these insights to craft and define the information architecture. I will help you select the ideal CMS, create wireframes, and finalize the design according to your corporate identity and guidelines. We will ensure the accessibility of the website before launch and provide training to ensure a smooth handover process for your employees.

who is it for?

Owners, leaders, or founders of companies and organizations that contribute (or want to contribute) to societal change.

why do you need it?

You need a website that represents your values authentically and communicates them effectively to your audience. You have complex challenges to solve. You find yourself frustrated by your current website or uncertain about its results. You are struggling to reach your intended audience.

how do we start?

Getting started is simple. Reach out to me via email, and we’ll schedule a brief conversation to discuss your situation and assess whether this package fits your needs.

Alev Canoglu

We reached out to Daniel for help with our website and strategy. He quickly helped us with identifying the “win” and offering strategies to achieve success. But most importantly he speaks tech & business, and he can help you translate your largest ideas into achievable, quickly implementable projects, and tangible outcomes. I’d recommend Daniel to any organization who is creating a digital presence.

Alev Canoglu, Founder Female Tech Leaders

what happens next?

When you are ready to engage, we will dissect and address every facet of your website in our introductory workshops, with a sharp focus on defining your website goals and your positioning. Moving into the implementation phase, we will maintain regular discussions to track status and progress. We will address any challenges, prioritizing tasks for the upcoming period collaboratively. As the budget administrator, I will ensure we stay on track for a successful, cost-effective, and timely completion.

a selection of good websites for great people

bayerisches nationalmuseum

Screenshot of the Bayerische Nationalmuseum website

One of the most important museums of decorative arts in Europe and one of the largest art museums in Germany.

  • An extensive Online Collection with advanced search and import functions, housing over 250,000 items
  • An event calendar with booking capabilities to manage all recent events seamlessly
  • A modular layout system for easy content creation and modification by editors

sz gute werke

Screenshot of the SZ Gute Werke website

The donation association of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) supports numerous people and organizations in Munich and the surrounding area.

  • Automated import of relevant news articles from SZ for up-to-date content
  • Integration of multiple options for seamless donations
  • Digital application mechanism for helping individuals in need

push conference

Screenshot of the PUSH Conference website

An annual community-led UX conference for hands-on design professionals, product minded innovators, and creative technologists

  • Adaptable content structures and layouts for various conference phases, including ticket sales, speaker announcements, timetables, and post-conference recordings
  • Speaker selection and conference schedule creation processes for efficient event planning
  • Integrated Call for Speakers and ticket sales functionalities for a cohesive conference experience


Location Remote, Workshops on-site
Duration From 1 week to 3 months, depending on size and complexity
Scheduling Within 1-3 weeks
Guidance Up to 3 months after project completion
Price From 9.500€ excl. VAT
Payment terms To be agreed upon

now it’s up to you

I know why you are where you are, and how to get you to where you want to be. I’d love to talk with you about it. I can give you advice on what your next steps might be.

Let’s work on it together.

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