good strategy & website

This flagship offering addresses all aspects of your strategy & website.

This comprehensive package combines strategic planning with website development to empower your organization in today’s landscape. I’ll give a thorough assessment of your organization and then look at positioning, service offerings, lead generation, communication, and website concept. We will ensure your website’s clear message reaches your ideal audience, through meticulous architecture, design, and build.

Replace your question marks with a clear path forward.

what is it?

Starting with a thorough review of key areas within your organization will identify untapped potential, we will craft a unique and defensible stance within your area of operations. We will refine your services, construct a strong lead generation plan, and hone your messaging to resonate with your audience. We will construct and launch your website, ensuring it reflects your values and effectively communicates with your audience. Your website will be a dynamic tool in your arsenal for the future.

who is it for?

Owners, leaders, or founders of companies and organizations that contribute (or want to contribute) to societal change.

why do you need it?

You find yourself frustrated and uncertain about your organization’s results. You’re struggling to reach your intended audience. You need a website that represents your values authentically and communicates them effectively to your audience. You have complex challenges to solve and aim to future-proof your organization in an evolving landscape.

how do we start?

Getting started is simple. Reach out to me via email, and we’ll schedule a brief conversation to discuss your situation and assess whether this package fits your needs.

Thomas Salvador

Daniel helped us to put our offer, our USP, but also how we position ourselves in the market into a clear form. A form that appeals to prospective buyers in the best possible way. Although a wonderful website was created, the great pleasure of working with Daniel was his structured approach. Especially his way of thinking and asking the right questions. As a result, we were once again able to penetrate and question our business model and make lasting improvements. Daniel enjoys our complete trust and is a true expert in his field.

Thomas Salvador, CEO QM Experts

what happens next?

When you are ready to engage, we’ll embark on a series of workshops designed to dissect and address each facet of your strategy and website. These collaborative workshops will progress through key stages: review, positioning, service offerings, lead generation & communication, and website concept & architecture. Between sessions, homework assignments will propel our progress. We will transition seamlessly into implementation, ensuring your strategy and website are primed for success.

Buckle up — it’s going to be a wild ride!


Location Remote or onsite depending on availability
Duration 2-3 months for strategy, from 1 week to 3 months for website implementation (depending on size and complexity)
Scheduling Within 1-2 weeks
Guidance Up to 3 months after project completion
Price From 17.500€ excl. VAT
Payment terms Prepaid and non-refundable

now it’s up to you

I know why you are where you are, and how to get you to where you want to be. I’d love to talk with you about it. I can give you advice on what your next steps might be.

Let’s work on it together.

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