my voxxed days belgrade talk

i often have the impression that the current state of the computer world is the climax of our great progress. nevertheless i also have the impression that all these advancements don't really advance humanity as a whole. i have written a lot about these issues in recent years and if you follow my summing up series (shameless plug: put your email in the box below this article to get it and much more directly to your inbox) you'll find many people following similar lines of thought. it mostly comes down to the notion that we're not really thinking about how we can use the medium computer to augment our human capabilities. this was my starting point a few years ago.

in the mean time i was invited by the kind folks of voxxed days belgrade to speak about this topic. i gladly accepted and luckily i did so.

it was, simply put, an amazing experience: one of the biggest and most inspiring technology & entrepreneurship conferences in eastern europe, excellent speakers from all over the world, about 800+ participants, and well... me in the middle giving a talk about how we can augment our human capabilities with the use of computers.

i have spent an insane amount of time preparing this talk over the last year and was very happy with the feedback i got. actually, scratch that. i was exceptionally happy as my talk was voted best rated talk of the conference. phew!

if you're interested in the slides along with my speaker notes and recommended reading material, visit this link. feel free to share it and if you have a question, feedback or critique i'd love to hear from you!

lastly i want to thank daniel bader, jan peuker, marian edmunds and philipp pamer for many hours of great conversation about these issues and for feedback while these thoughts were solidifying.

update: a recording of my talk can be found here.

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