training wheels

How did you learn to ride a bicycle?

Most probably you were using training wheels. And someday your parents removed them and told you to go without them. And you fell. A lot. And you probably promised yourself back then that you'll never ride a bicycle again. Well, look at you now.

The interesting thing is that training wheels are actually the worst way to learn how to ride a bicycle. The one skill you have to learn is to balance and turn into turns. Training wheels prevent you from doing exactly that.

Similarly, I see many businesses with their training wheels still on.

  • They didn't make a courageous positioning decision and try to sell their services and/or products to just anyone
  • They use all the possible channels, from their website, newsletters, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google ads, Instagram, Youtube, podcasts to whatever other photo sharing platform will be invented next year
  • They think technology and digital tools will replace their sales and marketing team & efforts

I know, it is hard work to solve the above issues. But from my and my client experience it's worth it. Or in other words: Would you rather go across town on a tricycle or a bicycle?

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