the 10,000 visitor fallacy

I want 10,000 visitors a month on my website. Can you do that?

Recently I was having a meeting with the CEO of a moderately successful boutique consulting firm and this was the first thing he told me.

The problem: they only had about 300 visitors... a month. Now, it's not impossible to scale up to that number, but here's the catch. I knew the CEO was enjoying giving talks at many different conferences and meetups every month. So we took his calendar and put it below the website stats. Guess what... the numbers lined up perfectly.

And the audience of this talks were almost exclusively made up of... guess again? Right, people who were interested in the firms' services and fit their client profile perfectly.

What we did instead was preparing small, custom landing pages (e.g. with additional information which he would announce at the end of each talk. We didn't even get close to 10,000 visitors each month, but this will keep their sales team busy for months.

And this seems to be a common problem: we're so overwhelmed keeping up with technology and jumping on the latest bandwagon, that we don't spend a single minute thinking about how we can use technology to augment our businesses. This idea is small and trivial, but I guess being able to see it is not.

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