the 300 million dollar button

One of the articles I shared most with my clients last year was a story by Jared Spool in which he describes how changing a simple button increased a site's annual revenues by 300 million dollars.

While my firm belief is that there are no silver bullets, no growth hacks and no get rich quick schemes, many of my clients and prospects had at least one 300 million dollar problem (or a figure nearby) which could be solved cheaply, quickly and easily. Think of things like:

  • Will your new contacts be just another skeleton in your LinkedIn contacts? Or do you have a seamless client experience in place that supports your company's brand, regardless of touch point, channel or device starting from your business card or referral?
  • Are your website visitors confused by what services you provide and how exactly you can help them? Or do you have a website in place that tells your story perfectly, how you can help your clients and provides options to directly get in touch with you?
  • Are you forgetting about your previous clients and prospects? Or are you leveraging digital channels and tools to keep in constant, valuable contact with your clients, prospects and leads?

I'd be very much interested in what your 300 million dollar problems or solutions have been. Let me know!

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