broken websites

Recently, a client of mine showed me their new website for their consulting business. Four months in the work, fully responsive, neat, fast and a good looking. He asked me about my opinion, smiling from ear to ear. I looked at it and said I liked it, but...

But what?

Where do you explain who's your ideal client and what expensive problem you're solving for them?

Ehm... he said

Where is the call to action? Do you have any workflows, like drip campaigns, newsletter and contact possibilities in place to connect and keep in touch with prospects?


What does the workflow or funnel from the landing page towards qualification and acquisition of a client look like?


You see, design is utterly important, but functionality trumps design. A website that looks nice, but does not explain why and how you solve a client's problem is not helpful. A website that shows how to solve a client's problem like a champ but looks shitty is pitiful but works. Good design and functionality together is killer.

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