getting rid of humans

So apparently the AI revolution is coming. Taxi and truck drivers will be replaced by self-driving cars, robots will replace workers, drones will be delivering packages to our doors and big data algorithms will find our perfect date. Also, robots will soon take over the world.

Well, I don't believe a single word.

What I believe is this: we are immersed in technology that is quietly reducing human interactions.

We stare at our devices while waiting for the next train and avoid the glance of the pretty girl/boy a few meters away, we use online ordering and delivery services in order to not sit alone in a restaurant, apps to call a ride or get the fastest route from A to B so that we don't have to talk to anyone. We use personal assistants and online stores so that we don't have to talk to that shop assistant, social media where everybody seems to have a perfect life in order to avoid the sometimes harsh conversations of the real life. All powered by AI, which allegedly should make our lives better.

But we humans don't exist as segregated individuals. We're social animals, we're part of networks. Our random accidents and behaviours make life enjoyable.

We should use our technologies to augment these capabilities, to make us better humans. This is the reason why I tell my clients to make use of their website to start genuine conversations with their clients, to help them to make their life better. That is the sweet spot of our technology, of our websites, of digital innovation and automation.

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