i loathe restaurant websites

My god, I really loathe restaurant websites.

No, I don't want to sign up for your newsletter. I don't want to see your open positions. Read your food & drinks blog. Learn about your cassolette of white asparagus served with black garlic and saffron sauce. See photos of your latest celebration. Know the favourite wine selection of your general manager.

All haystack and no needle.

There's only three things I want to be able to do: know what food they're offering, get the address/location and make a reservation.

Similarly, on business websites I see a similar trend. There are many and long pages about the founders, about their vision, their history, their teams – and of course blog posts from 2 years ago and articles nobody reads.

Regardless of the size of those websites, they're often presenting an information underload, not an overload. The actual valuable content is hidden somewhere in this big haystack. And of course you can guess how much effort a prospect will put into finding those pieces. In my opinion all businesses need these three pages:

  • one describing the expensive problem of the client
  • one describing the product/services which solve the above problem
  • one to get in touch with the business

That's it. Adding valuable content on top of these is of course always a good thing, but you need to get the basics right.

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