humane websites

not sure how to tell you this: but just because your website is well-designed doesn’t mean that it’s effective.

and there’s one simple reason for this: most people fail to understand that websites are processes.

i've been talking about this a lot last year at conferences like sfscon 2016 in italy or in munich. many people asked me about the slides and further information, so i gladly published an extended version of my slides along with speaker notes. a video recording is available here.

the gist of my talk is the following:

  • websites are processes and start way before people come to your website and end with clients sitting in your meeting room or buying your product
  • it's no longer about optimizing your websites for seo and hoping for the best. it's about optimizing your presence across the web. and in the real world as well
  • take time to carefully craft your value proposition. otherwise people don't get what you do, how you can help them and you'll lose them immediately
  • make sure that your landing page works. a value proposition, a deep dive into your client's big, expensive problem and a call to action are essential
  • if you do have an email list, don't send these spammy newsletters. personalize. give value. a lot

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