typical development processes of free and open source software projects

ladies and gents, today i proudly present you my master's thesis on the typical development processes of free and open source software projects.

after yesterday's official graduation ceremony i am able and allowed to publish my thesis to the public. interestingly enough i decided to not go with a publishing company as negotiations with several academic publishers resulted into terms like loosing the copyright or having big expenses before even being able to publish a book.

lucky for you, i decided to publish my thesis under a creative commons by-nc-sa license. being a believer in the values of free and open source software and having done research on the very same topic i truly think that this is the right way to go.

in the next weeks i will take the opportunity to present some very interesting findings and results and discuss them here.

a short note at the very last. i encourage you to download, share und make use of my research under the terms of the above mentioned license and hope that it helps you somehow or other. if that is the case i would be very grateful if you could afford a small donation as described on this page.

with no further delay, go ahead and download my thesis!

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