that is all folks

this is a pretty big day for me as i am handing in my master thesis today. i was working on it almost, quite, nearly and almost a year (actually a few months less, but you should got this by now). with this final act of my computer science and psychology studies i am also finally leaving those nice student rebates and student parties behind. ghosh, what nice memories i do have here. shoddy cafeteria meals, always short on money, piles of work and bad weather when you got some free time. just some of the reasons why the studies are the best years of your life, don't you agree? ;)

but i know, my personal life isn't as interesting as this: i will present parts of my thesis during this year's guadec. but more on that later. for now just this: it will be legend - wait for it - ary!

my thesis has the title "typical development processes of free and open source software projects" and aims to provide a primary scrutiny into the development processes and project management strategies of free and open source software projects. several free and open source software projects were analyzed systematically in order to identify concertedly models and processes. gnome was of course under these projects. the results were very interesting and i will try to present them to you in near future, dear reader.

until the final evaluation however i am not allowed to publish the thesis. but my professor and i are looking for ways to publish the results in near future. so in one way or another you will shortly be able to skim through my work. if you are really interested in the topic, just drop me a note, and i will arrange a "proofread" copy for you, just for you.

with a master of science in my pocket i am looking for a great place to bring in my talents and skills. i am already in contact with some awesome companies and organizations, but if you do have some offers about or including free and open source software, project management or innovative research and products, i would love to talk to you!

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