missing in action

if you happened to see vincent's talk at the desktop summit yesterday, you certainly know the story of the travelling gnome. for those who haven't, let me sum it up.

some very long time ago, right before the 2.22 release of gnome, i wanted to do some screenshots to show the great new features of cheese we had at that time. therefore i asked how to take screenshots of cheese and while getting some more or less useful responses i did not find a nice way to show off cheese. a few days later though i got a parcel by vincent, with a great present in it. have a look at my previous post to read more about it.

after the release i sent the travelling gnome to andré, a good friend and great guy along with a piece of good smelling cheese and some instructions:

  1. add a photo of the travelling gnome and yourself to https://live.gnome.org/TravellingGnome
  2. get a present and put it into a box along with the travelling gnome and the instructions
  3. send it to your favourite gnome hacker

voilá, the travelling gnome was born! it then travelled to cosimo in italy and onwards. if you want to check the route it has taken so far, have a look at https://live.gnome.org/TravellingGnome.

and now comes the sad part of the story: it has gone missing, vanished, unaccounted, lost, gone and doomed. i already asked around, but it seems that nobody knows the current location of the travelling gnome. so please, if you know where to find, please send it to your favourite hacker along with the instructions above.


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