hdr photography

what can you do if you go hiking into the mountains with your camera, but there is no good weather and/or light around? i recently started doing some hdr photography. the results are pretty amazing, although i am still at the beginning of a very long journey.

all the photos were done using the bracketing function of my camera with -2/0/2 ev. you can compare the hdr result with the originals below.

basically i used the tool enfuse to merge the different exposures into a photo that looks very much like a tonemapped photo. i then used pfstools to dive into the hdr world and get two photos, one with the fattal 02 and one with the mantiuk 06 algorithm. all three were then merged as layers in gimp. and voila, that's it (basically)! oh, and i just used free software for it, isn't that great?

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