opw is over

as might you have heard, the opw internships ended a few weeks ago. it was a great experience for me and definitely a step into the right direction.

the cheese project had two interns, laura (mentored by me) and luciana (mentored by thiago). in short, they were pretty awesome. if you should have missed what they accomplished during their internship, read through their blogs. if you are too lazy for it, just wait for the cheese 3.0 tarball and experience their work yourself. and if you are too lazy and can't wait for the gnome 3.0 release then the following was made especially for you with love! a teaser containing some of the highlights:

introspection support, svg overlays, full featured libcheese and libcheese-gtk, photo and video resolution preferences, a release, another release, camerabin, usability improvements, command line options, luciana being interviewed and becoming famous and last but not least laura being interviewed and becoming famous (unfortunately not yet published).

so if you happen to like the new cheese release (and i am sure you will), do them something nice! i personally really enjoyed (and still enjoy) working with laura and luciana!

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