some devdoc hackfest tidbits

  • even in my childhood back in the alps it was rarely that cold. my only counter weapon: wearing all the sweaters i brought at once.
  • there is a tram between the openismus office and jon's home where i can sleep, but so far we missed it every time and had to go through snow storms seeing yeti's and other strange snow ogres at a windchill factor of -50 degrees
  • andreas finally found his hobby: sleeping on the couch while others are working for him. periodically he wakes up, does some awesome artwork and goes back to sleep
  • frederic is my hero: after being silent for the whole morning he suddenly comes up with a javascript powered search on and the ported gnome3 website theme on l-g-o
  • food is just amazing, the openismus girls and boys impress us each time anew
  • clemens came by for a short chit chat, great to see him again!
  • andre fought his way through the czech rail system and is spending some time with us
  • we discovered the world's fastest shoelace knot, so far i am very happy with it. andreas still fights innovation
  • i also had the opportunity to refresh my swedish a bit, most used phrase so far: ska vi fika
  • oh, and i am sponsored by the gnome foundation, thanks a lot!

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