i am still enjoying gcds

  • the talk together with andre went quite well. i had a talk with many people about it and i think we can really improve. now i just need to track down sandy
  • we probably do a summer of code catching up here in gran canaria. some tea drinking, eating, swimming, whatever. i will announce it.
  • actually, i _am_ daniel and do cheese. funnily however i never get bothered about that, its just david who does not like people who talk to him about cheese.
  • lucas told me secretely yesterday, that he is actually 23 years old, hmmm...
  • jan and others: i definitely need a release of gst-gl!
  • vuntz is not quite a party boy, he disappeared quite quickly yesterday, to develop his plan of taking over the world.
  • gnome-do definitely should follow the gnome release cycle and get added as a gnome module!
  • matthew promised me to fix the hildon patch in cheese. we will see...
  • andreas is a liar! he tricked me for more than two years, thinking that the beautiful cheese icon was made by him. totally wrong...
  • matthew had a nice theory about the usability of pissoirs, however philip did not see to understand it.

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