speckhackfest is over

the hackfest was quite amazing. even if i needed some days to recover my health state, it was great fun and it was also great to see some great people! just some foot notes, if they are visiting your city:

  • call the local beer distributor and tell him, that you need some more for sure
  • keep an eye on them, they easily get lost and return to the hotel (after a few hours)
  • do not start a conversation about dvc systems, they will convince you for their system
  • could be a coincidence, but there is always bad weather when you want to go up in the mountains with them
  • make sure, there is a bed for behdad in the conference room
  • stormy is awesome!
  • do not have any books laying around, otherways they are doing that meme too

photo from the first day, carl and giuseppe still missing in action.

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