announcing the speck hack fest 2008

for everyone who did not manage to visit istanbul, for everyone who cannot visit boston, for everybody who holds a hackfest at his appartment, because its so cool, for everybody who just takes some time off to visit the hackfests around the world and of course for everybody who wants to sit together, meet other gnome developers and wants to hack there is another amazing opportunity to meet, discuss and hack: the speck hack fest 2008


the speck hack fest is a hackfest for gnome developers and contributors. it will be held at the tis innovation park in bolzano (italy), an innovative and technological center in bolzano and it will be organized by the tis - free software center. you can take a look at the video presentation of the city. it will end with the south tyrolean free software conference, which will be on 14th november.


already, there was a lot of feedback when we talked about a possible hackfest in italy. we have discussed and the art team and webkit/epiphany people are seriously considering coming. of course you should add yourself to session page if you want to hold a session. if you want to propose an idea, about a really great topic, you should not hesitate to add that idea too to the session page and there may be some people who want to hold a session about that.

if you are interested to come you should add your name to the participants page and you should spread the word about the hackfest! :)


we will publish further information about accomodation, registration and the hackfest in general soon. if you need to have further information right now just ping patrick or me.

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