re: getting things done

dear dave and probably others: youre talking about not having the time to read that book, but it seems that you have some time to open a web browser, to log in into your blog, to create that new post, search the book on amazon and then actually write a few lines on it. then you will spend some time on reading the comments and maybe spend a few more minutes on doing some replies.

now, think about other useless stuff youre doing. please also pay attention about the definition of useless: listening music, drinking a beer with some friends, cooking for people, sleeping, having fun with cheese ( ;) ) is _not_ useless, at least it shouldnt. however staring on the computer screen or browsing the web for new wallpapers probably is. how much time are you spending on nothing?

its amazing how much more time you will have if you try to keep an eye on yourself, and for sure you will be able to tag your book with the "already read"-tag. my opinion, it works for me.

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