dingdong, parcel service

some days ago, i asked how to take screenshots of cheese for the next gnome release. while getting some more or less useful hints, a person, who wanted to fire me and likes a lot of ice cream, asked me about my address. and no, i wont tell you who he is

in any case, i came home this week and a parcel waited for me. i did not knew what and where this came from. i opened the parcel, even with the fear of an attack by a terrorist. after evacuating my street i could open the parcel with the help by the local bomb squad. in there was a undefinable something packed into white paper. drugs? see yourself:

vincent, thanks a lot for the new cheese mascott! now we just need andreas to convert the cheese icon to it ;)

but after all, i wont keep it very long. i will send it to some gnome lover out there immidiately after the gnome release with 2 other things in it: a cheese and a surprise. watch out for incoming parcels!

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