our christmas present for the gnome people

4 months development time, uncountable hours of work, 170 svn revisions, about 50 fixed bugs, 40 new features, at least 2 easter..ehm christmas eggs and pretty high number of actual code changes. and yes, we are donating the numbers i mentioned above to YOU!
and yes you are right again, you can get our packaged parcel by pressing here.

what is it?

Cheese is a Photobooth-inspired GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam. It also includes fancy graphical effects based on the gstreamer-backend.

what's changed in 0.3.0?

  • add a shutter sound, when taking a photo
  • sort the thumbnail chronologically
  • make the effect chooser look a bit nicer
  • give thumbnails a frame like in nautilus and eog. fixes bug #500819
  • enable shortcuts if the mouse pointer is over the xoverlay. fixes bug #493196
  • add new shortcuts
    • space for take a photo/start-stop recording
    • ctrl q for exiting
    • f1 for help
    • delete for removing a photo or video
  • add a gconf backend
  • chosen effects are stored in gconf. fixes bug #488834
  • store the used webcam device in gconf. partially fixes bug #473038
  • use a throbber, when the camera is loading
  • add drag and drop support to the iconview
  • vertical and horizontal flip were switched. fixes bug #479238
  • many usability improvements. partially fixes bug #501337
  • point to the right homepage in the about dialog
  • add a boilerplate for a manual in cheese. partially fixes #480628
  • make video and photo button a toggle button. fixes bug #498022
  • make links on about dialog clickable. fixes bug #499425
  • translate menu items created by gtkuimanager, fixes bug #500821
  • change the first item in menu to "Cheese"
  • add a "Move all to trash" option
  • use gtkuimanager for the menu
  • give the ability to record videos from the menu
  • provide access to the effect chooser using the menu
  • use radio buttons in the menu to change between photo and video mode
  • use HAL to detect webcams
  • make ximagesink an xvimagesink work for all cameras
  • only use raw video formats. fixes bug #502174
  • use the highest resolution for each camera
  • add --verbose command line option, fixes bug #499399
  • cheese was refactored and uses now a webcam class
  • removed some memory leaks
  • fixed many, many bugs
  • added/updated translations
    • ar, courtesy of Djihed Afifi
    • ca, courtesy of Carlos Garcia Porcel
    • cs, courtesy of Vitezslav Kotrla
    • de, courtesy of Andre Klapper
    • el, courtesy of Athanasios Lefteris
    • es, courtesy of Jorge González
    • fr, courtesy of Pierre Slamich
    • gl, courtesy of Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
    • it, courtesy of Alessandro Falappa
    • nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
    • oc, courtesy of Yannig Marchegay
    • pt, courtesy of Miguel Rosa
    • ro, courtesy of Anastase Valentin
    • sl, courtesy of Deni Bačić
    • sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander

where can i get it?

you can get it by pressing here

what does it look like?


with this christmas release we wish you all a happy christmas and a good start into the new year. we would love to get some christmas pictures of you and your friends, family, childrens, santas and reindeers ;)

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