getting stable

diego after trying out the development version of cheese:

dieguito: how am i supposed to use it?
daniel: do you want to install it?
dieguito: i want to build it to be able to report bugs
dieguito: read: i want to make your life hell
daniel: then install it ;)
[5 minutes later]
dieguito: the take photo effect is amazing
dieguito: and the thumbnails look really cool
dieguito: the colors are perfect now
dieguito: and the size too
dieguito: i must say your software produce homoerotic feelings for you in me
daniel: hey, i could put that on my homepage!
dieguito: I hope my foundation candidacy is not affected by this...
dieguito has signed off.

all in all i think we will make a rocking release (not ultimately thanks to jaaps contribution) in a few days/weeks/whatever, stay tuned!
update: jaaps homepage

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