hey, thats just unbelievable.. just a moment ago, a very famous person (and i mean a very very famous person) entered my room and wanted to record something for all the gnome-people out there:

the old edgar

by the way: the above was recorded by using cheese 0.2.0 which is available at all stores from now on and with the following new features:

  • store video thumbnails in the right thumbnail directory
  • video support. we can record a video with audio taken from any source
  • add mnemonics for the buttons in the ui
  • probably the dumbest change ever: the fsf has changed its address
  • updated translations:
    • de
    • fr, courtesy of Pierre Slamich
    • it, courtesy of Alessandro Falappa
    • pl, courtesy of Tomasz Dominikowski
    • pt, courtesy of Miguel Rosa


the video support is still in testing and will either or all

  • wont work
  • crash your computer
  • kill your cat
  • kill you and your cat
  • go out for dinner with your wife/girlfriend
  • send the message "i hate you" to all your friends
  • steal money from your credit card
  • send me all your beer, money and tshirts

you have been warned!!!!

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