news from the v4l-land

the president of the v4l-land just congratulated me a few minutes ago on _officially_ supporting v4l, version 1, in cheese. further he wants to extend his congratulations and salute diego escalante urrelo, who has patched cheese to get v4l working. he also wants to salute all v4l-users out there, and of course v4l2 users too, and wishes them much fun playing with cheese.

what is it?

cheese is a cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your webcam.

what's changed in 0.1.4?

  • remove photos automatically from the thumbnail row if they were deleted on the filesystem
  • check automatically for webcams and their resolution
  • notification if cheese isn't able to get the webcam working
  • v4l support, courtesy of diego escalante urrelo
  • store photos under ~/.gnome2/cheese/images
  • add only valid jpeg photos to the thumbnail row
  • sort thumbnails aplhabetically before adding them
  • let the window resizable
  • icons were installed with permissions 0755. fixed
  • added gtk-update-icon-cache on installation
  • lot of refactoring
  • new about-window, courtesy of Jaap Haitsma
  • use g18n for i18n
  • updated dutch translation, courtesy of wouter bolsterlee
  • updated french translation, courtesy of pierre slamich
  • added polish translation, courtesy of tomasz dominikowski
  • several fixes

where can i get it?

check out the cheese homepage, which is yeah, kinda new!


  • there is a snapshot-page on the cheese homepage. please feel free to send me your (nice|funny|ugly|vincent-like|unnormal) photos made with cheese.

what does it look like?

this time i dont want to be selfish and show you another photo of my face (hey, i know im looking good ;) ), no this time i want to show diego with is v4l device! take this as a proof, that v4l _really_ works with cheese

Cheese 0.1.4

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