some quotes from yesterday

i just wanted to remind some people, that thinking before talking removes some side-effects like this ;). obviously it's quite hard to think, after having about 15 tickets left and 23 in your stomache.

  • vincent (the dutch guy): (after looking a while at my badge) you don't look like your name
  • wouter: actually, summer of code doesn't really exist, right?
  • vincent (the untz one): you're fired! and you are fired too! and you do really bad work! (this guy had black hair...)
  • me to some collabora guys: so what are you talking about and why are you talking in french?
    • answer: ah, we're talking about strip clubs in montreal (maybe this could be the place for the next guadec? ;) )
  • lennart to raphael: what??? you don't know david hasselhoff? we germans love that guy! (actually, the real phrase was a bit different, but this sounds better)
  • andreas to some guy: do you want a really dirty icon from a really dirty icon designer? (actually, it's widely believed, that it wasn't the real andreas, as he was about 1,80m tall)
  • question: do you want some tickets? i got some left.
    • answer1: oh, sorry, but i still have about 13
    • answer2: i actually could offer you
    • answer3: i will get you one and you will drink it
  • lennart after reading some quotes: i guess they should'nt read planet of gnome for a while...

so, i'm leaving in a few hours. if anybody has some free t-shirts for me, just look out for me. it was a great time and much much fun. thanks for the oppurtunity!

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