this is for the ubuntu guys

cheese? yeah, its not only something to eat! this is a under the bonnet-release, that means, that no new features were added in the ui, but many things were done below it.

what is it?

cheese is a cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your webcam.

what's changed in 0.1.2?

  • the buildsystem is now toc2, big thanks to Stephan Beal for helping out
  • added the new cheese icon, courtesy of Andreas Nilsson and Josef Vybiral
  • added czech translation, courtesy of Vitezslav Kotrla
  • added portuguese translation, courtesy of Miguel Rosa
  • added spanish translation, courtesy of Ricardo Gonzalez Castro
  • added galician translation, courtesy of Ricardo Gonzalez Castro
  • added italian translation, courtesy of Alessandro Falappa

where can i get it?

check out the cheese homepage, which is still shining!


open bugs

  • cheese still has problems with some v4l-(only)-devices. if somebody knows a way round to this, contact me!

note to the build system

yes, i can hear it already.. "why didnt you choose autotools?? its a standard!". yeah, i think we all know about those standards, be it a build system or a document format. i played with autotools for about two weeks. two weeks of no coding, no new features, as i was trying to understand the gnu "auto, my ass" tools. the only thing i find was problems and things were just harder to do. this changed when i found the toc2 build system. its really easy to maintain your project with this thing. now you might say: "hey, but i have to learn how to use it first! kinda silly?" and "but i have to install that first?" ehm no, as you will find your configure file and makefile and the only thing you have to do is a ./configure && make && make install as usual. this is because toc lives in the source try, quite like autotools, but not fully, as no global installation is needed. pretty cool, isnt it? have a look at the toc2 homepage for further informations.

what does it look like?

as stated above, nothing in the ui changed, but as you gnome-people are some screenshot fetishists, i made one, only for you!

Cheese 0.1.2

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