its not only my birthday

well ok, the title is a bit misleading (alltough i _have_ birthday today) ;) now sometimes its a privilege to be with certain people, and its even more, if they are celebrating your birthday. therefore and not only therefore i want to give something back: cheese 0.1.0
yeah you have heard right, its done. well to recapitulate: it works (somehow, i dont know why ;) ). please test it, have fun and give me some feedback!
only some small notes to the testers:

  • at the moment there is only a small, ugly Makefile, live with it (the next release will feature autotools
  • please read the README-file ;)
  • to install it, please refer to the README-file
  • new ideas are always welcome!
  • the effects-chooser is pretty scabby. but its only there to change the effects. i will remove it as soon as possible and include my newest idea: MANY effects at once (i hope those apple-guys dont hear that)

get it here (and dont waste my bandwith by downloading 17K twice, those two files have the same content):

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