soc - part1

soc has started a while ago. well.. to be honest, it hasnt started at all, but i have started coding ;) after some pretty hard and unprofitable days, featuring several, not to say MANY, rewrites of the program, i have managed to get a working application. i were able to get a picture from the camera on the screen through several gstreamer loop ways. the next days will feature several things, like getting a picture saved and so on..
i also have found a pretty cool sounding name for this photobooth-like application. its name will be cheese, and it may features a nice icon of a piece of.. yes, you know it already. if you are wondering, what im doing, please go ahead and read my proposal: soc_photobooth.txt
the following is a screenshot of todays version, i will keep you up to date.
ahh.. before i forget: you can get the code from my darcs-repo. but only if you are really wondering, what im doing ;) just do a
darcs get


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