What if, instead of simplifying away complexity, AI could actually empower designers and decision-makers to navigate uncertainty and make more informed decisions?

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Our latest Big Idea Initiative article, “Anticipate: Augmenting Thought Processes by Uncovering Hidden Assumptions Through AI,” explores how AI — particularly large language models — can become a powerful tool for deeper thinking and more innovative solutions.

What if…

  • instead of replacing human creativity, AI could be used as a tool to enhance it?
  • AI could help designers & decision-makers become aware of their own biases and mental models, leading to more objective and innovative solutions?
  • AI could push the boundaries of the design process by encouraging reflection, challenging assumptions, and revealing those “unknown unknowns”?

Written by Niklas Muhs, strategic designer and researcher at the MIT Media Lab, this article argues that AI, particularly large language models, can help us do all of that. It's not about replacing human creativity, but rather enhancing it by providing new insights and perspectives.

Intrigued? Read the full article here.

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