lego's 1981 ad campaign

lego's 1981 ad campaign

josh summers:

Recent studies have proven that praising a child's effort over the childs achievements is the correct way to raise a little person that will do well. "I'm so proud of how hard you worked towards your exam" vs "You’re so clever! Look how good your exam results were"; the first phrase raises a child that works hard, the second raises a child that's scared of trying (in case they disappoint your expectations). The last sentence of the advert is sums it all up. Lego helps your child discover the most special thing: themselves. From an advertising point of view, it's almost a masterful game that's been played. The advert is not saying "Lego is the most important thing there is - GO BUY LEGO!". It's being submissive to the true nature of things. The child, and its personal growth, are the most important things in the equation. Lego is not. It's just there to help with the process

this is beautiful.

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