create effective websites that turn visitors into customers

hello! i'm daniel g. siegel, an independent digital product architect. i help businesses create effective websites that tell their story perfectly and turn visitors into customers. as the co-founder of not just a label, the world’s leading designer platform in contemporary fashion, and the experience from over 15 years of web development, i have deep expertise in planning and implementing highly-converting websites, as well as how to connect to clients and create digital experiences

i help you create effective websites that tell your story perfectly and turn your visitors into customers. i offer a few services that are laser-focused towards this end:

strategy call it's easy to get tunnel vision and sometimes you just need a little outside perspective. want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction before you build anything big? need a quick teardown of your website? can't figure out the next steps? in this strategy call, we will tackle a specific challenge you're facing right now and come up with a strategy and next steps to keep you moving forward. – learn more.

custom website teardown what if your website was your most effective sales person? i can show you how. in this teardown, i'll take a fresh professional look at your website, determine critical flaws in your website and workflows and put together an actionable plan for creating an effective website that tells your story perfectly and turns your visitors into customers. – learn more.

private consultation i’m looking for the best clients to have a great, long-term business relationship with. if you’re interested in moving forward to generate revenue and reduce costs for your business, email me to get started.

Passion, hard work, expertise... Daniel is hands down an expert in his field. His keen attention to detail, drive to push the web in new directions and ability to push his own knowledge further is commendable. Daniel has been an exceptional partner.

Yonatan Kelib, Senior Service Designer Fjord
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most of today's websites focus too much on design and not enough on results while not focussing at all on how to capture and stay in contact with your leads. it is important to see your website not as a static thing somewhere on the web, but as a part of your sales or outreach capabilities, as a process.

the job of your website does not end with getting a lead. it is your secret 24/7 sales agent, and hopefully the most effective one you have. prospects are visiting your website when you're asleep and key decision makers want to know more about you, long after the meeting is done.

i will help you create effective websites that tell your story perfectly and turn your visitors into customers.