custom website teardown

i love figuring out the best ways for websites to communicate, and i want to help you improve yours. what if your website was your most effective sales person? i can show you how.

most of today's websites focus too much on design and not enough on results while not focussing at all on how to capture and stay in contact with your leads. it is important to see your website not as a static thing somewhere on the web, but as a part of your sales or outreach capabilities, as a process.

in this teardown, i'll take a fresh professional look at your website, determine critical flaws in your website and workflows and put together an actionable plan for creating an effective website that tells your story perfectly and turns your visitors into customers.

As an organization dedicated to designers, it is utterly important for us to have a platform featuring deliberate design und user experience. Daniel helped us to meet these objectives and worked closely with us to improve our workflow. I really appreciate how he committed himself to understand our needs and went above and beyond to deliver a great product.

Alexis Brion, Co-Founder IXDA Munich

you will get a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your website and processes, presented as a pdf report. i will thoroughly inspect your website, along with their processes, such as newsletters, email courses or reports you make available to your audience. afterwards we will discuss your website in a private video conference.

you'll learn how to make your website your most effective salesperson. i'll provide you with helpful, actionable advice focused on improving your website and your business.

Daniel is exceptionally talented and very skillful in both design and web technologies. I highly recommend him as a reliable, creative and resourceful asset to any creative team.

Philipp J. Pamer, Founder Remulus Film

what you'll get:

  • a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your website and processes, presented as a pdf report
  • a 60-minute conversation over phone, skype or similar
  • a summary of the call with a list of actionable takeaways
  • one week follow-up via email

to get started contact me briefly describing your business and your top website problems. If you’re a good fit for the audit, I’ll send you a further details along with pricing for an initial consultation.

do you still have any questions? i would love to hear from you!